Hear Me Roar! Women as Storytellers…

Story telling to impact change, right wrongs, pass bills, and be successful in advocating a position….women seem to have in innate ability to do this, perhaps because we are often in the role of advocate in our families. Be interested in your thoughts…. Have you given up your anonymity on behalf of a cause? How did that settle with you? Were you effective? Would you do it again?

My article in the November issue of the RI Small Business Journal addresses the power of story telling as a PR tactic, but goes beyond in talking about why women are particularly comfortable in doing so – who has not had the experience of facing a school administration meeting on behalf of our child, feeling strong, secure and empowered, when we may not have felt that way at any other time in our lives when going up against a system.  That probably holds for men as well as women.  You know you have begun something – the road is only open ahead of you, because the one behind you has disappeared.  Forward you go, with a loss of anonymity, with a risk, with hopefully good independent advice and due diligence, with a higher goal in mind.  Perhaps a whole new life mission.  Felt great to write this, to remember a school conference room, and my little girl – and I felt as powerful as a lion.  We won, my little girl won – well, of course she did!  I wouldn’t have settled for anything less.




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