I saw the Angels when NEMO came…


NEMO came to town, and stayed for awhile.  As I write this I have a good deal of concern about the ice buildup on my roof, and I am listening to the school closing list being read over and over again on the radio.  My legs hurt in odd places and my body is weary from, not shoveling, but sitting too much.  My daughter’s boyfriend did the yeoman’s share of shoveling us out from our little igloo during nature’s “come to call”.  Amidst cooking all kinds of food to warm the body, I looked for soul warming, too.  My busy, sometimes frenetic world of “PR” doesn’t usually take a break – not for nighttime or weekends, not at 3am when I can’t sleep, and not when I’m sick and sit in flannels with a cup of tea and sound just like – me.  But NEMO did bring other moments to bear.  He/she came with bright blue thundersnow, that had me gazing out the window like my cat, with head moving from side to side.  What is this?  I wrote a post on Facebook about Mother Nature being very unhappy with us all – and this time she came with a little something ‘extra’ to get our attention.

So, yes, my world stopped a bit.  I made lots of food, and provided warm clothes, and cranked up the heat to a rare sauna level, afraid of losing heat.  Cards were played over a bottle of white wine.  There were giggles from overworked graduate/law/med school students, and they were lovely to hear.  We negotiated a long-time-boyfriend sleepover, my, my…  I watched my cat sit in odd little places, listening to the ice chunks fall first against the window and then off the trees…  I paid attention to Twitter more than usual, and remarked at its ability to provide news up to the “second”, with the “minute” not being barely good enough anymore…

But I also watched as my neighbor with a large snow blower got her driveway right down to the pavement, while carefully avoiding looking up to see my daughter’s boyfriend, shoveling like the proverbial bunny, all 5’6″ of him. Her driveway faces mine.  About 10-15 feet of road between us.  I watched as he would occasionally glance in her direction.  I watched her keep her head down.  And turn her back.  Hmm…

Then!  About 2 hours before sunset I heard a scraping in my driveway and there was a white pickup truck with a plow and a man at the wheel I’d not seen before.  He was tackling the unshovel-able last 5 foot wall at the end of the driveway.  He didn’t stop long enough to talk.  He scooped and shoved it all over, and then he was gone.  A white angel with flashing orange lights!

This morning, at 6:30am, my younger daughter was called into work so prescriptions and necessary items could be bought.  No electricity, no heat.  Cash only.  Ushering in customers and staying with them, 3 at a time.  I drove over to see her, to see if she needed anything.  There was my little frozen angel, perched on a stool in front of the on-sale paper towels, ready to help me shop – “oh, mom…”.

I played on Facebook for awhile, and then there was a post that stopped me.  It was from a not too distant neighbor – handsome, young, strong man….but battling cancer for at least the 2nd or 3rd time.  He couldn’t shovel.  He had a treatment appointment to go to.  Could anybody help?  Ever one to hold social marketing’s toes to the fire on ROI and content-rich effectiveness, I put the word out – FB, Twitter, and I went for gold – I started with a public “ask” to my US Senator from my city; then went right to the City Mayor.  Got an answer from the mayor that ‘he would do the best he could’ – whatever that meant.  Then I went to the secret stash – cancer survivors.  Facebook is a place they share their joys, and fears, medical information, and support.  And friendships are made.  I went to one in particular.  Also a neighbor, and a reporter.  I asked her what she could do to spread the word.  Then I waited.  I wrote back to my handsome, young neighbor and told him ‘not to worry’.  I waited again.  In less than an hour, I could see a private Facebook message.  My friend, “our” neighbor, and cancer survivor had found not just one person, but a couple.  They would be at his house in the morning.

And surely, they came.  They came with shovels.  And a snow blower.  And Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donuts, to warm the body!  I received a public thank you from handsome young man.  And I passed on my thank you to my cancer survivor network tree shaker.  Two more snow angels – this couple.  I see them glowing in pink and orange – Dunkin’ Donut colors 😉    And my treeshaker, well, she is always aglow in pink…with maybe a little gold around her on this evening.

But the best snow angel was the handsome young neighbor, who reached out, who made me forget my snow blowing lady neighbor, and the ice on my roof, and the missing of work, and certainly my aching body from too much rest.  He was the white snow angel – and together – we moved his fair gossamer wings in a powerful, and wide wing span, up and down in this new virtual world.  And it brought out more angels.  It warmed my heart.  It warmed me deeply.  I wish you Godspeed for renewed health.  I don’t know if Mother Nature would be pleased to know that I saw the Angels when NEMO came, but I kind of think she would.


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