Put ’em in the Seats with Tweets!



No longer is a “build it and they will come” expectation a counted on reality.  In this over communicated world, and particularly for the younger demographic, you have to reach out and bring them in. 

An innovative program, for RI, is underway at the Providence Performing Arts Center where during 3 recent performances 8-10 “Tweet Seaters” were recruited to help promote the show by live tweeting from the very back row of the theater.  Not only was this ‘experiment’ successful, the first night the Tweeters actually “trended” which, in Twitter jargon is extremely difficult to do – reaching 25,000 people and coming in 2nd under the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  The 3rd show is expected to have a combined Twitter reach of 35,000.  In little Rhode Island.  Within a two hour time frame.  Direct from the theater – to YOU! 

Twitter can be part of your event promotions.  Think about it if you are having a networking group….or a charity walk….or a fun party or gala….or almost whatever event you can think of….it’s best if someone’s job is JUST to Tweet – because I won’t deny that there is that brain rewiring that happens, temporarily, when you are in the Tweeting zone. 

But, do consider it as part of your creative marketing plans.  Make sure your website is up to date….your own Twitter page is fresh as well as your FB page….and, Put ’em in the Seats with Tweets!


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