“The squeaky wheel gets the grease…”

I hate to be a kicker,
I always long for peace,
But the wheel that does the squeaking,
Is the one that gets the grease.
Josh Billings, an American humorist in 1870, from his poem, “The Kicker”
Mom always said “The squeaky wheels gets the grease” – and such I have found to be true, over and over again.  There are many ways to squeak – be they phone calls, meetings, telling others, and writing about it.  The latter, the written word, has always been my preferred method.  With the inspiration of Paul Levy’s blog “Running A Hospital” adding projection to my words, this particular squeak of mine changed a large corporate system….and I’m actually pretty proud of it. 
Changing systems can inhibit someone in these times – especially when the state I live and work in is small and everyone seems to know each other.  So the squeak needs to be respectful, properly placed, and done with a question mark and a wink of hope at its conclusion.  Hope you enjoy reading, below, one such meandering, and a wonderful conclusion.
Could not end this without a thank you to Paul and to “anonymous” at BCBS of RI – he or she has a pretty powerful squeaker to have taken ownership to do something positive about a situation its customers faced but they probably weren’t fully aware about.  So – happy for my role as “secret shopper” and squeaky wheel…



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