“Start a story now before your mouth talks it away…”

Start a story now before your mouth talks it away.

Couldn’t have said it better!  For those with writer’s block – listen up!  Do not talk – too much – about your story – the passion, the gutteral energy comes in the “first speak” – get that down on paper first – then talk about it – but not too much – use the energy to write – or at least tape your chat with someone….

Writing is a discipline and there are many tricks to the trade.  Sit down at the same time every day – early morning, late at night – write in long hand, type without correcting misspellings – write about anything at all, just write.  Channel a high energy moment – and that will be different for each person – don’t ask me to do anything creatively after 4pm, for instance!  Get your dander up – it stimulates the endorphins and adrenalin.  Maybe that’s why I follow politics, and occasionally just explode off my seat with outrage at some statement or some inequity or baffoonery – plentiful in this election cycle.  All of a sudden my senses are acute and my thoughts line up in an orderly way….now’s the time for me to write.

Wait for it….channel the spark….now you are ‘in the zone’ writers know and yearn for.


One thought on ““Start a story now before your mouth talks it away…”

  1. Ah, the writer’s block. Or the too-much-energy-fizzling-out. I think of a story, think about it in a frenzy, and then am too tired to write! Woe is me. For now. I’ll get over it yet. You post made an interesting read, though. Thank you.


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