R.I. Execs Assoc. give back for the holidays – Cranston Herald

R.I. executives give back for the holidays – Cranston Herald.

As a member of the Executives Association of RI, I chair the program committee and spend considerable time recruiting motivational speakers and planning trade talks from within the group.  Recently, we, as a group, decided to forgo our usual holiday fundraising fun which went to benefit the association and its activities, and jumped into raising funds to help out some noteworthy RI charities.

We had our holiday party the other evening and nearly doubled the amount we usually raise with our auction – giving members the option to divide up the proceeds among Crossroads RI, The Women’s Shelter of RI, and the local SPCA.  How wonderful to have such success.

It is also motivational to others to publicize what we do.  If a tree falls in the woods….if a good task goes unsung…..maybe another group will take up our banner, share the wealth or engage in a new activity.

With business leads groups growing by the day throughout the country, how wonderful is it to adopt a charity, promote volunteerism, have a speaker come in and educate the group on homelessness, or hunger.  Open your doors beyond your small business needs – and then let others know what you are doing…..the little tree might make a huge crash in your state – it might make a resounding difference in the lives of people, of good causes….and there is no one who has gone untouched by the economic times – no family hit not hit with unemployment, underemployment, health insurance issues, and more….open your heart and your groups and your businesses.  Join us – then – spread the word of your good deeds…


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