Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow?

How cool is this?  I have a little snowfall on my blog….

Do you love the snow – the wintertime?

As I sit here babysitting my blog, because I created it and now I have to utilize it I am in my home office, looking at my beautiful tree all lit up in front of me, and my garland on the mantle.  My cat is sprawled out on the rug, following the sunspots.  I have a cup of lemon tea.  And a scarf around my neck.  I give thanks for many things every day.  For this day I give thanks for the opportunity to do good work – for good people – and good causes.  I give thanks for the gentleness of life.  For hope.  For a sense of humor.  I give thanks for being open to change.  And for new opportunities.  I give thanks for technology that has allowed me to have this new life where I open doors for so many others’ great(er) success.  On this day I am thankful for the education I received.  And the inquisitive mind my family fostered and nurtured – for the stimulating conversations at the dinner table.

I give thanks for religious freedom, for the beauty of the tree, the lighting of the menorah, the marking of the solstice – and for the universal symbol of – the falling snow!


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