I think in song….

My oldest daughter’s boyfriend/fiance is in from Florida.  The visit home is a mixed blessing as his father is so very ill.  He, the boyfriend, was planning to help out his family by driving them to New Jersey to see his sister and her 2nd newly born child for Thanksgiving.  But, another trip back into the hospital, was all his dad would be doing.  The mom had no food in the house, thinking they would be away for days.  She immediately went to the hospital and has been there for the last four days.  As can so often happen in hospitals, they arbitrarily released him tonight, and of course they bundled him up and took him home to be comfortable in his own surroundings.  No food in the house.  Meanwhile I was cooking up a storm expecting both children home for dinner.  I started cooking at 3 in the afternoon.  Tried a big new recipe.  I don’t know that I’ve ever started to cook at 3pm for dinner.  A text message told me of the situation, and I looked at the food.  We packed it up – I added some hot buttered noodles and brownies.  I sit, now, having a turkey sandwich and a glass of wine.  I feel full.  Full of what, a sense of purpose?  A sense that God had a little plan this day?  Someone on Facebook asked the question, “did you make someone smile today?”  I had answered with, “does my cat count?”.  But now, as I sit here sipping my wine, wondering what to blog about, I think about this family, so very close to me, sitting down to their hot buttered noodles, and finishing with milk and a brownie.  I know who I made smile today.  Surely, I made them smile, especially the mom with no food.  But I made myself smile.  My purpose on the earth was validated one more time, one more day.  And I’m feelin’ good!  Did you make someone smile today?


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